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Sensi Seeds

Ben Dronkers has always understood how extraordinary the cannabis plant is and what a positive effect it could have if it did not have such a negative and undeserved reputation. So he decided that someone needed to preserve this amazing plant for future generations in all of its forms, strains, and seed types. Every delightful little quirk protected. Ben is also passionate about spreading this information, alerting the public to the many fantastic properties contained within cannabis.

He wants to continue to explore all of these qualities through testing, hybrid breeding, exploring all aspects of the plant, and ensuring nothing but the best quality. He is fascinated by the strength of the stem fibres, the medicinal value, the nutritional value, even the fact that the roots of the cannabis plant will improve the surrounding soil. He is not just interested in it as a cash cow but as a natural phenomenon. This guarantees his attention to detail when creating his seeds and the top quality of every strain produced.

This extraordinary brand had its 25th birthday in 2010 and so has been going for some time, its team of breeders and scientists are extremely experienced and share Ben's passion of the marijuana plant and for discovering all and any new helpful properties that it may contain so that it can better help across the world. They spent the first leg of their journey collecting new and exciting genomes and strains with which to dabble and test and perfecting their hybrid plants to the point where something really special was created for their customers.

Because of Sensi Seeds commitment to helping people with their marijuana their medicinal cannabis is some of the best available today. They want to make sure that their seeds are the best they can be in all areas including their healing properties. Sensi Seeds has been chosen to supply top pharmacists all over the Netherlands. Sensi Seeds are certainly at the forefront of the medical marijuana market simply because so much care and personal interest goes into all of their strains.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

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