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Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds is one of those seed banks which is really into its unique genetics. Personally I always think that is a rather refreshing attitude for a bank to have, rather than just supplying the most popular strains. In fact Big Buddha are responsible for a fair few popular strains themselves. They have created a huge array of strains, many of them based on the always popular Cheese. This world renowned strain was actually the work of the Big Buddha Seeds company and is envied by other breeders all over the planet who wish they had thought of it first.

All of their seeds have individual personality and a rather impressive gene pool to give a clear difference between each strain.

What started Big Buddha on this road to success was really the Cheese strain. The immense popularity of Cheese drove them to magnificent new feats of unique genetics. They began messing around with other strains and creating some really rather lovely hybrids. One of their favourite hybrids appears to be Chiesel, as you can probably guess this is a cross breed of Cheese and New York City Diesel. Diesel has once again always been a public favourite and now this hybrid comes in all different shapes, sizes, and flavours.

Big Buddha have a really rather impressive and helpful website. They supply their customers with a massive catalogue of all their different strains, which is of course sublimely organised. They have a rather interesting blog which keeps everyone constantly up to date on any developments or new strains which are soon to be released. They even have a little growing guide for both automatic and regular growing, which of course is aimed specifically at those areas where growing the plant is legal. They explain that rather clearly in their "legal stuff" section.

They have even won an award or two, most recently at Spannabis 2013. With their wonderful genetics I'm hardly surprised, certainly a brand to keep one's eye on.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

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Big Buddha Seeds
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