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If you're looking for a perfect combination of strength , power, quality and yield, you can't go too far wrong with Bomb Seeds. Their genetics are rapidly growing in popularity in Europe and are fast becoming one of the most reputable breeders in the Netherlands.

The Bomb Seeds range includes something for all those interested in seed cultivation; indices, sativas, medical varieties, auto-flowering varieties, classic varieties and more.  Their selection process combines the best traits of world-famous strains and the characteristics of their home-grown strains.

This makes the final product truly explosive – hence the name Bomb Seeds. Bomb Seeds are cultivated organically in the Netherlands under strict and meticulous conditions. All batches are frequently tested for optimum superiority and consistency.

All Bomb Seeds are then handpicked to ensure maturity and viability. Bomb Seeds genetics are fully stabilised and bred for comprehensive genetic consistency, ensuring that all strains and traits are true to each plant.

During batch testing in the Netherlands under optimum conditions, Bomb seeds must have a germination rate of 95 per cent before being selected for general sale.  Bomb seeds are kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment at all times.

Breeders use commercial refrigerators maintained at a constant temperature of 6 degrees centigrade so that customers can be assured of maximum freshness when purchasing Bomb Seeds.

While much of Bomb Seeds' extensive collection of strains is very popular, there are a few strains in particular that consistently impress customers. These all tend to be Bomb Seeds' collection of very powerful High-THC strains, including Kush Bomb, Ice Bomb, Cherry Bomb, and Atomic Fem.

Most strikingly, Bomb Seeds holds one of the highest customer ratings for a breeder on Seedsman. Considering that we're stocking seeds from  over 90 breeders, that's an impressive feat.

Berry Bomb AUTO Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds
Big Bomb AUTO Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds

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Bomb Auto Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds
Cherry Bomb AUTO Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds
Cosmic Bomb Auto Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds
THC Bomb AUTO Feminised Seeds
Bomb Seeds