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Feminised Seeds

Feminised Seeds

You’ll fall in love with these clever, stunningly beautiful and supremely easy-going females…

Why choose feminised cannabis seeds?

There’s a reason why feminized seeds are a lot more popular today than more traditional ‘luck-of-the-draw’ regular seeds: In fact, there’s a whole boatload of very good reasons!

‘100% feminised’ means you’ll always get what you need

Gone are the days when unwanted males would have to be carefully separated from the dank, fragrant and supremely productive, bud-tastic females of a crop: By using feminised seeds, you’ll no longer have to worry about any pain-in-the-butt, pollen-spouting males popping up, meaning that you can get a lot more value for money out of each and every seed!  

Only the finest females make the cut

The impressive selection of feminised seeds you see before you has been carefully hand-picked from the libraries of only the most trusted, respected breeders on the planet.  You won’t find any third rate females anywhere at The Vault: Just keepers…So go on, add a bunch of our sexy female seeds to your collection and fall to the charms of the fairer sex!

All collectors agree: Females are hot!

Feminized seeds have revolutionised the cannabis breeding game so much that many collectors today will simply avoid any strain which has not been feminised.  Whilst there is definitely still a real need for regular strains, it is hard to see them ever reaching the dizzying heights of popularity enjoyed by the many feminised strains on the market.  If you are serious about boosting your collection with genetics you can trust, time after time, your safest bet is to choose feminised!

How are feminised seeds created?

The overall concept sounds deceptively simple: Breed females with other females to produce feminised seeds.  In order for any breeding to go on, however, pollination from a male plant is essential.  Luckily, it is possible for cannabis plants to change sex when the environmental conditions around them are engineered in a certain way.  By encouraging some of the female plants to become hermaphrodites – and selectively breeding them, it is then possible to eliminate male chromosomes from making it through to the resulting seeds: BOOM! Feminised seeds a-go-go!

We work with the best feminised seeds breeders on the planet

Every breeder out there has their own favoured techniques and strategies for creating reliable, stable, 100% feminised seeds: Some prefer to use a more high-tech, advanced approach, whilst others use all-natural, selective-breeding methods.  Either way, all of the feminised seeds you’ll find at The Vault can be counted on to be legit, bona-fide females.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries.  Please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.

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