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Ace Seeds, based in Spain, is dedicated to conservation. By cultivating unique and pure genetics, Ace is trying to counter the depression that some strains are suffering from.

Ace Seeds lists the elimination of natural habitats, war, the disappearance of ancestral cultures, genetic contamination, globalisation and laws prohibiting research as factors for the disappearance of pure strains.

By using their extensive global 'library' of Sativa strains, Ace Seeds aims to preserve the highest possible quality of genetics. Ace Seeds was born as a group of breeders and cannabis lovers dedicated to the preservation and study of terrestrial strains from all over the world.

Seeds began to be distributed as an established seed company in 2004-2005.

Ace Seeds is keen to improve the lack of genetic diversity and to stop the depression that cannabis strains have been suffering for decades, by offering different and innovative genetics based on landrace conservation projects and the development of new hybrids resulting from these landrace conservation studies.

Ace Seeds specialise in sativa strains. In the last decade, sativa genetics have been offered from Brazil , Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Angola, Malawi, Senegal, Congo, Lesotho, Reunion Island, India, Nepal , Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos , Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, just to name a few.

They also worked with landrace indices from Afghanistan , Pakistan, Uzbek, Mongolia and China.

The classic strains of Ace Seeds were bred from the base: the terrestrial races. First, they start conservation projects with original and high-quality landraces, reproducing all the terrestrial strains for the future. They then study and refine these unique landrace types, improving their best characteristics by selecting the best parent plants.

At the end of the day, they combine the best traits from different soil races into more vigorous, powerful and adaptable hybrids. Most of these hybrids have also been stabilised using large and healthy populations over several generations.

You can buy Ace Seeds from The Vault now and enjoy the unique products they have to offer.

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Ace Seeds
Ace Seeds