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Flash Seeds

Flash Seeds

Flash seeds is a new and up-and-coming company that specialises in auto flowering seeds. The main breeder has worked for many years in order to create his desired strains and is an extremely experienced and talented professional. This breeder, known as Stitch, is in love with auto flowering plants therefore he only brings in other top quality breeders who love auto flowering as much as he does that will work completely under his supervision.

He also is very fond of Sativa based strains, but also uses many other strains to cross-breed and tinker with his strains. This way he can try and test a huge range of different genetic capabilities to discover which ones are perfect for the seeds he wishes to produce.

He only brings in other breeders that he knows and trusts implicitly in his quest to become the top seed bank for auto flowering strains in the world, which he is utterly convinced is going to happen. With that kind of confidence in his strains how can you possibly doubt their quality.

This brand is also very interested in supplying high quality medical marijuana. He knows that there is a gap in the market for people who are in desperate need of help and relief but cannot get their hands on any high quality auto flowering seeds. Since auto flowering seeds are so user-friendly it is very important to have them readily available in the medical marijuana community. They will therefore have a medical purchase section who's strains will be mostly indica based for effective pain relief.

As a brand Flash seeds promises to keep the new ideas and strains flowing as well as perfecting those that they already supply in order to give the customers the best experience possible and ensure that they are receiving the quality, both in auto flowering and medical auto flowering plants, that they require and deserve.

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