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Introducing Russian Haze Auto from Flash Auto Seeds, a new and improved cannabis strain that offers a refined flavour, stone, and aroma. This Sativa dominant plant combines the popular Speedy G and White Sirius strains to create a more potent and attractive variety. With its heavy flowers and resin-soaked buds, Russian Haze Auto is far from mediocre. This diva grows abundantly, producing good resin and aromatic promises. It is a delightful crossbreed that auto strain enthusiasts will adore.

When smoked, Russian Haze Auto delivers a powerful cerebral high that brings immense pleasure to both the mind and body, culminating in an indescribable euphoria. Despite its relatively short stature, reaching up to 120cm, this cannabis strain performs exceptionally well. It is highly recommended for guerrilla growers looking to expand their collection and professionals seeking profitability.

Compared to other autoflowering strains, Russian Haze Auto takes a slightly longer time to mature, requiring 75-85 days. However, the wait is worth it as it produces an impressive yield. On average, outdoor growers can expect 50-100g per plant, while experts may achieve even better results.

Speedy G x White Sirius

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THC Content:
Speedy G x White Sirius
Harvest Month:
75-80 Days from seed
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
50-100 gr/pp
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