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Flash Seeds' Bubble Crack Autoflowering strain is a powerful choice for experienced smokers seeking an extra kick. Developed from Bubble Gum and Green Crack, with the addition of auto genetics from a Mexican Ruderalis plant, this strain offers a unique and intense experience. Growing this plant is a breeze, regardless of your previous experience, and it produces well-structured plants with large buds. With a height range of 75-100 cm and a yield of 40-80 gr per plant, it is both manageable and rewarding. The effects of Bubble Crack are potent yet uplifting, evoking feelings of happiness and psychedelic energy. This makes it a valuable medicinal option for day or night-time usage.


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Bubble Gum x Green Crack x Mexican Ruderalis

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Bubble Gum x Green Crack x Mexican Ruderalis
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
40-80 gr/pp
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