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Afghan Kush SPECIAL Feminised Seeds

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Afghan Kush SPECIAL Feminised Seeds

Afghan Kush Special is a mutant hybrid that was selected for its superior genetics. It began as a one of the world's most hardy landrace strains which, to this day, grows wild in the Hindu Kush mountains.

It has a particular ability to grow and flourish even in rapidly-changing weather. These feminised seeds are genetically superior to the original and engineered for optimal reliability and ease of cultivation.

Aeons of evolution give these plants the necessary genetics to make these plants extremely hardy. When cultivated outdoors, growers will notice how well they deal with their environment, even cold temperatures and frost.

You can safely harvest Afghan Kush Special as late as early November. The longer you let them row, the more potent the finished product will be.

Afghan Kush Special is a versatile enough strain to also grow indoors, and they respond well to any grow method. They are short enough to work well in SoG and ScrOG setups and also thrive in grow rooms with low ceilings, closets, and on balconies.

You can also grow them in any soil or potting setup. Better still, they finish after just 45-55 days and can yield up to 500g per square metre of sweet, sweet bud. Plants grown indoors have been known to yield as much as 600.

When finished, Afghan Kush Special has a very high THC content. Afghan is all indica so be prepared for a very strong, couch-locking stone that comes on immediately and lasts for hours.

It is a very potent variety but it is also regarded by the medical marijuana community as a great strain for those who suffer from migraines, nausea or sleeplessness.

If you are new to growing cannabis, this is a great place to start. The genetics are very stable and the plants are easy to grow.

Pure Afghan Kush


CBD Content:
Body, Long-lasting, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative
Flowering time:
8 weeks
Pure Afghan Kush
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical conditions:
Insomnia, Pain, Stress
Medical properties:
THC Content:
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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