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Durban Regular Seeds
Durban Regular Seeds

Named after the South African port city of Durban this subtropical Sativa has been the primary strain grown in the surrounding hills and plains as long as anyone can remember. This strain is a local favourite on account of its dependable nature, uniform flowering and its impressive yield. Durban also just happens to be Africa's busiest port which means that this strain can be shared across the globe. The reputation of this strain amongst the locals shows its completely solid reliability and removes any doubt that growers in other countries may have about it. Sensi has captured all of these qualities perfectly and has created one of the purest Sativa strains available. It is a refreshing change from many other Sativas currently on the market. The strain also has an extremely unique effect which can induce a dreamy state which avoids the soporific effects that make some Indicas so unpopular.

The strain has been genetically untouched by Sensi Seeds as it would be in Africa, they are selling the strain in regular seed form. Even though many believe that regular seeds are a thing of the past Sensi can always be trusted to cater to all types of breeders and growers. Even those who do not believe in genetically altering their seeds in order to render them more user friendly. Regular seeds can often be far more stable and reliable as well as being able to breed perfectly well of their own volition, as they would in the wild. This is why many people who wish to reintroduce marijuana into it's natural habitat will only use regular seeds. When it comes to the notion of breeding it is certainly far simpler to use regular seeds. While it is indeed possible to use two female plants to create a future crop it is much less hassle to use a male and a female. Using a male and a female is an equally valid method of breeding as well as giving the breeder control over the quality of their future crops.

The Durban strain often thrives best in cool or cold environments giving growers a fair amount of environmental leeway and meaning that they can be grown in a considerable number of countries all over the world. They enjoy an extremely heavy yield as well as a relatively short flowering period of 50 - 70 days, it also grows to an impressive height and is 90% Sativa.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws

Sensi Seeds
Sensi Seeds Cannabis Seeds


CBD Content:
Cerebral, Powerful, Uplifting
Flowering time:
9 weeks
Grows outdoors
THC Content:
Seed type:
Regular Seeds
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