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Maple Leaf Indica Regular Seeds

This strain is a relatively new release from Sensi Seeds but already it has made quite the reputation for itself.

Maple Leaf has been bred from some rather special and rare Afghanica gene-stock, these parent-plants have already been used by Sensi many times in their most impressive hybrid strains.

This strain rather luckily made it out of Afghanistan just before the Soviet invasion, for anyone lucky enough to have visited the region prior to the invasion this strain may be an extremely welcome blast of nostalgia.

Even by the high standards of the Mazar-i-Sharif region this strain is celebrated right at the centre of hashish and cannabis culture.

The fact that this strain managed to escape is extremely lucky for western growers everywhere as the loss of these amazing genetics would have been a huge blow to the cannabis community.

Maple Leaf is certainly one of the finest Afghanica varieties even brought to the west. It is a fast producing strain with an impressive yield and solid buds which are coated crystal and have distinct sugary orange-grapefruit flavours.

It may not be the highest yielding strain in Sensi's collection it is certainly one of the highest resin producers available. Sensi Seeds even calls the strain "one of our personal favourites".

These seeds are regular which simply means that they grow into a mixture of males and females as well as having some of the purest genetics available.

Many breeders and growers still prefer that their strains not be tampered with and Sensi fully cater to this section of the cannabis community.

Regular seeds provide the simplest breeding opportunities as well as allowing the breeder a little more choice when selecting their parent plants. With a variety of males and females to choose from a breeder can ensure that only the finest are selected to act as the parent plants.

This ensures that their future crops are up to their standards of quality and uniformity, as well as only improving over the generations.

This strain thrives in a sunny or Mediterranean environment needing plenty of direct sunlight and room to grow. Maple Leaf gives a large yield and grows to an average height, the flowering period of this strain is an impressively short 45 - 50 days and is 100% Indica.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws


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CBD Content:
THC Content:
Flowering time:
6-7 Weeks
Grows indoors
Flowering type:
Body, Couch Lock, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative
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