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Sensi Amnesia Auto Feminised Seeds

Sensi Amnesia Automatic is a high-quality cannabis strain with a balanced mix of sativa, indica, and ruderalis genetics. These plants have a pleasant earthy and fruity scent, and they grow to a moderate height compared to other automatic strains. The buds are dense and offer generous yields. Users have reported a typical sativa high, characterized by a cerebral and uplifting effect that promotes conversation. If you're familiar with the renowned Amnesia strain, you'll recognize these sought-after qualities in Sensi Amnesia Automatic.

Derived from Hawaiian Indica, Afghani #1 Auto, and Jamaican Pearl parent strains, Sensi Amnesia Auto is well-suited for cultivation in cooler climates found at higher latitudes. It can thrive in these conditions without any issues.

When grown outdoors, Sensi Amnesia Automatic flowers within 10 to 12 weeks. These plants have the potential to reach an impressive height of 210 cm, producing abundant yields.

Hawaiian Indica x Jamaican Pearl x Afghani #1 Auto

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THC Content:
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Hawaiian Indica x Jamaican Pearl x Afghani #1 Auto
Flowering type:
Cerebral, Relaxing, Uplifting
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