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Berry Larry Regular Seeds
Berry Larry Regular Seeds

Berry Larry from Grand Daddy Purple Genetics is extremely potent. It was born by crossing the OG dominant Grandpa Larry with a delicious Goji OG. Goji OG is a Sativa dominant strain which has an extremely unique flavour, the fruity berry taste of its name sake. It is a fast grower which gives an extremely impressive yield. Grandpa Larry is another exceedingly impressive strain which is well known for its excellent genetics. It is also well known for its impressive potency which it lends to Berry Larry. Berry Larry is a heavy OG strain which has an extremely happy and uplifting effect.

This strain is ideal for those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression as well as working well as a painkiller. It has large, dense buds which Grand Daddy Purple is famous for. It has an amazing high THC content. Over all Berry Larry is a really unmissable strain.

This strain is regular which means it will grow into a combination of male and female plants. It also means that they're flowering type is photoperiod, they will flower as a result of a specific light cycle. These seeds can be a little harder grow and are usually the favourite of old school growers and breeders. The average regular crop is a roughly 50/50 split of males and females, however this can move closer to 60/40 in favour of the females. Since there are a number of each plant type to chose from the breeder can be all the more discerning when selecting the parent plants for the next crop.

These parent plants must be the cream of the crop since they will dictate the quality and the uniformity of the future crop. By selecting the very best plants the breeder not only improves the over all quality but can remove any genetic weaknesses that the crop was previously experiencing. These seeds are also quite independent and can grow and thrive alone in the wild, as long as they are placed in the right environment. Therefore they are often used in attempts to reintroduce cannabis into its natural habitat.

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors making it ideal for most types of grower and breeder. It has a flowering time of 9 - 10 weeks and a medium yield.

Grand Daddy Purple
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CBD Content:
Flowering time:
9-10 weeks
Goji OG female x Grandpa Larry male
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
THC Content:
19-22 %
Seed type:
Regular Seeds
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