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Speedy Seeds: Exploring the World of Quick Cannabis Strains! Find out what Is The Quickest Cannabis Seed.


Hey there, fellow green thumbs and cannabis connoisseurs! Are you ready to dive into the world of lightning-fast quick cannabis seeds? If you’re anything like us, you appreciate the thrill of watching your garden flourish in record time. Well, buckle up because we’re about to explore some of the quickest cannabis seeds out there that’ll have you harvesting your own buds before you know it!


1. **Quick Flowering THC**: Introducing our Quick Flowering THC Cannabis Seed, the epitome of efficiency and potency in the world of cannabis cultivation. This exceptional strain boasts a remarkable combination of rapid flowering and high THC content, making it an ideal choice for growers seeking a swift harvest without compromising on quality.

With a carefully curated genetic lineage, this seed has been meticulously bred to accelerate the flowering phase without sacrificing the robustness or yield potential of the plant. Cultivators can expect accelerated growth patterns, allowing for a shorter overall cultivation cycle while still enjoying bountiful harvests.


2. **AK27 Express Auto Phoenix**: AK27 Express AUTO Feminised Seeds offer a fast-paced journey into the world of autoflowering cannabis. With its genetic lineage rooted in renowned AK47 strains, this cultivar promises a potent, high-yielding experience in a compact timeframe.

Characterized by its autoflowering nature, these feminized seeds ensure an easier cultivation process, ideal for both novice and experienced growers. The “Express” in its name hints at its rapid growth and flowering capabilities, making it a favorite among those seeking quick turnarounds without compromising on quality.


3. **Fastberry Auto Feminised from FastBuds**: Fastberry is an auto-flowering Blueberry strain which is based on DJ Short’s original Blueberry together with Canadian Ruderalis genetics. Most plants will turn a lovely blue/purple colour with lower night-time temperatures.

Fastberry is a sturdy, compact plant that grows to a height of between 70 – 120 cm. It makes a great selection for Blueberry lovers who wish to grow outdoors in higher latitudes but also for indoor cultivators everywhere. It will yield 450 – 500 gr/m2 or between 50 – 250 gr/plant in around 9 weeks after germination. THC production is high while CBD is medium at 1%.


4. **Kandy Kush Express Fast**: These assets translate to Candy Kush, as the plants are physically sturdy for growing indoors or out, and the taste is always pleasingly sweet. The legendary Royal Kush is the other genetic parent of Candy Kush.

Royal Kush is a famously Indica-heavy strain, being descended itself from the inexpressibly potent Afghani Kush.


5. **Green Poison Fast**: As a result of the crossing of an elite clone of Green Poison to its own third, Green Poison Fast Version was produced.

Generation auto-flowering variant.

A selection process involves the removal of any plants with automatic characteristics and instead focuses on versions of the photo-period that have a faster, reduced flowering period, in this case just 6 weeks from the beginning of flowering.

This is a 70% Indica F1 strain of cannabis that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation


So, there you have it – five of the quickest cannabis seeds to satisfy even the most impatient growers. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator or a curious newcomer, these speedy strains are sure to impress with their rapid growth and impressive yields. Happy growing, and may your harvests be bountiful and swift!


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