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L.A. Woman Feminised Seeds
L.A. Woman Feminised Seeds

LA Woman by DNA Genetics is a hybrid cross between two multiple award-winning strains: Martian Mean Green and LA Confidential. It has great flavour and aroma profiles and is very potent. This one is not meant or recommended for lightweights. It packs a powerful indica punch and couching is a strong possibility.

The plants have a relatively short flower period of just 9 weeks but they are a late-harvest strain for outdoor growers. Fortunately, they stand up well to colder nights and even light frost (although it is recommended to harvest them before frost sets in). Outdoor harvests can safely be pushed to November in the Northern hemisphere.

The flavour of LA Woman is vibrant and sweet. The flavour lingers on the palate long after the smoke is exhaled. The aroma matches the flavour nicely and serves to add an extra dimension to the experience when smoked. This is also a great strain for producing some strong, delicious edibles.

The plants have a relatively short vegetative stage, as indoor growers will be very quick to notice. Even better, the yields for LA Woman out-perform the original LAC by a considerable margin. Experienced growers should be able to push the bud production to nearly double what any LAC plant is capable of producing and the end product is every bit as good, even better with the MMG genetics thrown into the mix. The plants grow in a typical indica form with one central cola and numerous side branches with additional bud sites.

Indoor growers can use any preferred method to cultivate this strain. The breeder recommends SOG for best results although other hydro and soil setups will get the job done well also. This is not so much a strain for beginners since these plants will require a bit of extra care to ensure good lighting throughout the body of the plant.

DNA Genetics
DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Content:
Body, Powerful, Relaxing
Flowering time:
9 weeks
Martian Mean Green x LA Confidential
Greenhouse, Grows indoors
THC Content:
Unknown - High
Mostly Indica
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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