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Chocolope Feminised Seeds
Chocolope Feminised Seeds

Chocolope is a wonderful strain from DNA Genetics that is a cross between an Original Chocolate Thai and a Cannalope. This strain has won a huge number of awards and for good reason. It is extremely easy to grow with top quality plants guaranteed. The plants produce large quantities of thick, resinous buds and it's no wonder that this strain is so extremely popular amongst growers and judges. If Chocolope is grown inside it may need a little more trimming as it can grow quite tall, the flavour and the effect is certainly worth that little extra effort. If all of that wasn't enough here is a little list of all the awards Chocolope has won.

● High Times Strain of the Year in 2007
● 1st in the Hydro Highlife Cup in 2008
● 2nd in the Sativa High Time Cannabis Cup in 2010
● 2nd Coffeeshop in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2007
● 2nd in the Hydro Highlife Cup in 2007
● 3rd in the Hydro Highlife Cup in 2009
● 3rd Coffeeshop in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008
● 3rd Indoor at Bio Spannabis in 2008
● 3rd in the Hollyweed Cup in 2006

That is a pretty impressive resume and it's hardly surprising that Chocolope is one of DNA Genetics best selling strains.

This strain is also feminised which means that it will only grow female plants. These are very popular amongst growers as they remove any and all issues that come with male plants. Feminising strains also tends to improve their quality and uniformity.

Chocolope has a relatively short flowering time of just 9 - 10 weeks.

DNA Genetics
DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Content:
Long-lasting, Strong
Flowering time:
63 - 77 days
Original Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
THC Content:
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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