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Western  Winds  Kali  Mist  F E M I N I S E D  Cannabis  Seeds
Western Winds/ Kali Mist FEMINISED Seeds

For haze lovers there is no other. The finest example of haze Sagarmatha have sampled in recent years has been feminized for your pleasure. The same criterion for selecting the mom was used and again their staff worked overtime to get the job done.

The effect created by this fem is extreme, erotic almost ecstatic in its nature. Production is large, long and lengthy. Sensimillia spearheads pierce the cannabis canopy soaring toward the sky sunning themselves in the life giving light.

Truly one of Sagarmatha most elegant varieties, best taken with mixed company - a remarkable romantic reefer.

Sagarmatha Seeds
Sagarmatha Seeds Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Content:
Plant height:
Medium, High
Seed type:
Feminised Seeds
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