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Sharkbite is an outstanding new strain called 'white' developed by Short Stuff. They achieved this by crossbreeding the great white shark with their autoflowering line. During flowering, Sharkbite displays a remarkable amount of white crystals, while retaining the potent stone and tangy scent of its great white shark parent. This auto strain is fully stabilised and stays relatively small, making it ideal for limited spaces or discreet cultivation.

Around 15-18 days after planting, Sharkbite will exhibit its first pre-flowers, followed by vigorous growth as the buds fill out and become covered in shining THC crystals. During the final weeks of flowering, the strain becomes so icy and white that even the shade leaves are coated in crystals. Typically, Sharkbite produces one main cola of densely packed flowers, which can weigh up to an ounce on its own!

When smoked, Sharkbite offers a smooth and tangy flavor, delivering a strong indica body buzz swiftly. This makes it highly recommended for medical users seeking relief from chronic pain. As part of Short Stuff's range of 'dwarf autos', Sharkbite is perfect for those who desire a compact and robust plant that still yields high-quality medical marijuana. It rarely exceeds 15 inches in height and transitions from seed to bud in approximately 65 days.

Great White Shark x Short Stuff Auto

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Great White Shark x Short Stuff Auto
Harvest Month:
8-9 Weeks from seed
Chronic pain
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
30-50 gr/pp
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