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Nothern Light x Big Bud Early Feminised Seeds

Northern Light is an award-winning strain of cannabis seeds, having won numerous indica cups and prizes. In fact, it was so successful that it was retired from competition to allow other high-quality indica strains to have a fair chance. Many subsequent champions have been created using Northern Light's genetics, showcasing its exceptional quality. By crossing it with Big Bud, another popular strain known for its high yields, World of Seeds has created a genotype that is perfect for indoor growing. This strain has a small stature, but produces great yields and buds coated in resin. Not only is Northern Light highly medicinal, but its balanced levels of cannabinoids make it an effective tranquilizer. Its elevated CBD levels will leave you in a mildly sedated state, making it ideal for therapeutic purposes.

Northern Light x Big Bud

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THC Content:
Flowering time:
45 days
Northern Light x Big Bud
Harvest Month:
Mid September
Flowering type:
Indica (100% Indica)
Indoors 500-600 gr/m2, Outdoors 1200 gr/pp
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