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Matanuska Mist Regular Seeds

Introducing the exquisite Matanuska Mist, a result of merging the renowned Matanuska Tundra and the award-winning Grey Mist from Coffeeshop Grey Area. These delightful flowers emanate a tantalizing aroma and are adorned with an abundance of glistening crystals. Unlike Matanuska Tundra, this strain offers an immediate and intense high upon exhaling your first puff. Shortly after, another wave of euphoria washes over, providing a long-lasting sensation. Furthermore, Matanuska Mist is highly beneficial for medical patients seeking relief from pain. Whether kept as a cherished addition to a grower's collection or swiftly traded for monetary gain, this cannabis seed is truly a prized possession.

Matanuska Tundra x Grey Mist

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Flowering time:
65 days
Matanuska Tundra x Grey Mist
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
300-325 gr/m2 (dried)
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