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Blue Thunder

Sagarmatha has successfully created a delightful hybrid by blending the well-established Blueberry with the renowned Matanuska Tundra. This unique combination results in flowers that possess the distinctive flavor and aroma of Blueberry, accompanied by slightly larger cola-diameter. With this hybrid, farmers have the opportunity to select plants with desired characteristics, making it an excellent choice. The unmistakable blueberry taste will tantalize your taste buds and expand in your lungs. The buds of Blue Thunder can vary in color, ranging from deep green to dark turquoise, and you can choose to keep the side leaves for making hash. The enjoyable high of this strain tends to last a bit longer, offering pleasant peaks. Experience the soothing effects of smoking Blue Thunder.

Blueberry x Matanuska Tundra

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Flowering time:
60 days
Blueberry x Matanuska Tundra
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 250-300 gr/m2 (dried)
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