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Banana Split Regular Seeds

Banana Split from Crockett Family Farms is a top-notch cannabis strain that leans more towards the sativa side. It originates from the well-acclaimed Tangie strain, which has won numerous prestigious awards, and was crossbred with Banana Sherbet. This exceptional strain was one of the earliest releases by Crockett Family Farms, and it truly lives up to its reputation. When cultivated in a legally permitted environment, Banana Split plants grow to a manageable medium size with an average stretch. They produce abundant yields of dense buds covered in trichomes, giving a mere hint of the explosion of extraordinary flavors to come. This strain beautifully combines the familiar tangerine burst of Tangie with bold fruity notes from Banana Sherbet.

Tangie x Banana Sherbet

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Flowering time:
8 to 10 weeks
Tangie x Banana Sherbet
Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Plant height:
Medium (100-200cm)
Flowering type:
Sativa Dominant
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