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El Chapo Feminised Seeds

Introducing El Chapo, Sour Genetics' renowned strain, known for its powerful aroma and intense high. Originating in North London in 2015, this strain quickly gained popularity in the UK cannabis community and is now sought after worldwide.

El Chapo is a remarkable fusion of Sour and Biker Kush, a dream come true for connoisseurs. The genetic makeup combines our legendary Sour Diesel IBL (ECSD) with the exceptional Headbanger strain by Karma Genetics. After meticulous selection, it became evident that El Chapo was destined for greatness.

We are thrilled to announce that, for the first time, El Chapo cannabis seeds will be made available to everyone. These feminized S1 seeds are derived from our prized pheno #1. Thanks to a partnership between The Plug and Sour Genetics, you can exclusively find them at The Plug Seedbank. This seedbank prides itself on offering the finest genetics from across the globe.

Sour Diesel IBL (ECSD) x Headbanger

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Sour Diesel IBL (ECSD) x Headbanger
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