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Biscotti 2.0 Feminised Seeds

Biscotti 2.0 is an improved version of the original Biscotti strain, created through a careful crossbreeding process. It maintains all the wonderful qualities of its predecessor while introducing enhancements such as inbred stability that take it to new heights.

If you're a legal grower, you'll be delighted by the robust, indica-type plants that Biscotti 2.0 produces. These plants yield above-average quantities of dense, olive-green flowers. The flowering period lasts approximately 8 to 9 weeks. Prepare yourself for a THC powerhouse - the original Biscotti boasted around 25% THC, and Biscotti 2.0 may even surpass that.

The flavors of Biscotti 2.0 are truly remarkable, with strong, almost chewy notes of overripe fruit and sugared bakery delights. This strain offers a sensory experience like no other. With its 60% Indica genetics, gardeners in legal regions can anticipate a relaxing effect on the body, accompanied by joyful euphoria and an increased appetite.

As the end of the flowering stage approaches, Biscotti 2.0 develops a thick layer of resin. This makes it an excellent choice for legal extraction experts who are seeking high-quality resin for their work.

Biscotti x Biscotti

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THC Content:
High (16-24%)
Biscotti x Biscotti
Flowering type:
Body, Hungry, Powerful, Relaxing
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