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Pure Instinto
Pure Instinto
Grateful End OG Feminised Seeds

Grateful End OG is an ideal cannabis strain for those seeking a powerful Kush taste and effect. This Indica-dominant hybrid comes from parent strains Grateful Dawg, The White, and Sour Diesel x Flo.

Visually, Grateful End OG is striking, displaying long and dense buds covered in amber crystal trichomes and thin orange hairs. While it may resemble OG Kush, its high is notably stronger.

The dominant terpenes in Grateful End OG are Myrcene and Limonene, resulting in a citrus and diesel flavor and aroma with a hint of sourness.

When growing Grateful End OG, expect a medium-sized plant with sturdy lateral branches. Regular defoliation is recommended for optimal growth. This heavy-yielding strain rewards growers with a substantial flower harvest when cultivated under optimal conditions.

Sour Flo x Grateful Dawg x The White

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THC Content:
Flowering time:
60 - 65 days
Sour Flo x Grateful Dawg x The White
Flowering type:
Citrus flowery pine berries tropical
Indica-dominant Hybrid
Indoor: 650gr/m2 Outdoor: 1300 gr/plant
Very powerful relaxant, almost narcotic.
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