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Danky Doodle is a strain of cannabis seeds that produces tall, sturdy plants with a sativa appearance. With Viking genes, she is resistant to diseases, pests, and mould, making her easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Her flowering period is surprisingly short for a sativa, taking just 9-12 weeks depending on the growing conditions. During this time, her fragrant flowers transform into large buds, covered in shiny THC crystals. Danky Doodle is known for its high THC content, ranging from 15% to 20%. By giving her the proper care, you can increase the THC levels even more. This strain is perfect for beginners, as it is consistent and stable. When grown outside, Danky Doodle can reach heights of up to 4m, while indoor plants stay around 150 cm but can yield up to 180 gr. of high-quality marijuana per plant. Danky Doodle provides a strong, narcotic high that induces couchlock, yet leaves you clear-headed. Plus, it doesn't cause a hangover the next day, which is always a bonus.

Viking 90 x Big Buds 93 x KC636

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Slightly spicy
THC Content:
Flowering time:
9-12 weeks
Viking 90 x Big Buds 93 x KC636
Harvest Month:
Late september
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
Indoors 180 gr/pp
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