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Greenomatic Feminised Seeds

Our cannabis seeds have been carefully bred using a combination of Ruderalis, Moroccan, White Dwarf, and Low Rider genetics. This unique blend produces a mild yet potent stoned effect that hits quickly and lasts a long time.

When cultivated indoors, these auto-flowering seeds will begin flowering within just six weeks. They can be grown under any light cycle, ranging from 12 to 18 hours of light per day. With a Sea of Green (SoG) method, you can expect a generous yield of up to 800 grams per square meter.

If you prefer outdoor cultivation, these plants will start flowering in just 5-6 weeks. They are compact and sturdy, making them suitable for any time of the year as long as the temperature remains above 10°C. With this strain, you can anticipate a production of up to 30 grams per plant.

Ruderalis x Moroccan x White Dwarf x Lowryder

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Flowering time:
6 weeks
Ruderalis x Moroccan x White Dwarf x Lowryder
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (80% Indica, 10% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis)
Indoors Up to 800 gr/m2, Outdoors Up to 30 gr/pp
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