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Green Bodhi
Green  Bodhi
Sail Haten Feminised Seeds

Sail Haten Feminised is a fantastic cannabis strain developed by esteemed breeder Green Bodhi. It is a sativa-dominant strain that combines the genetics of Putang and Hazy Kush, resulting in an exciting and unique strain. Sail Haten is suitable for growers of all levels, as it is easy to cultivate and exhibits high resistance to mold.

When cultivating Sail Haten, you can expect a vigorous plant with beautiful shades of purple throughout its colas. It has bilateral branching and a medium stretch, with a low leaf to flower ratio. This strain responds well to caging or trellising techniques and can be grown with or without topping. The Screen of Green (SCRoG) method works particularly well with this strain. Indoor growers can achieve yields of approximately 450 to 600 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators can harvest impressive yields of 750 grams or more per plant. The flowering time indoors ranges from 56 to 70 days, with outdoor harvests typically taking place in October in the northern hemisphere.

In terms of its flavors and scents, Sail Haten offers a distinct Haze taste with hints of tangy orange. Its flavor profile is a delightful blend of citrusy and spicy notes, with a subtle touch of jasmine.

The effects of Sail Haten provide a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. With THC levels ranging from 16 to 24% and minimal CBD content, it offers a balanced high. This strain promotes energetic stimulation and clear-headedness, making it perfect for daytime use. Users can experience a boost in mental clarity, focus, and creativity without any feelings of paranoia or anxiety. Additionally, Sail Haten induces a soothing, full-body relaxation that helps alleviate stress and tension. It also offers potential therapeutic benefits for minor aches and pains, while enhancing mood and overall well-being.

Putang x Hazy Kush

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THC Content:
High (16-24%)
Flowering time:
8 to 10 weeks
Putang x Hazy Kush
Indoors, Outdoors
Harvest Month:
Plant height:
Medium (100-200cm)
Flowering type:
Sativa Dominant
Very High (>750gr/plant)
balanced, energy, Relaxing, paranoia-free
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