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Fastbuds Seeds - Purple Lemonade Fast flowering Feminised Seeds

Purple Lemonade FF is a feminised photoperiod fastflowering strain that produces beautiful, purple buds with pinkish and reddish hues. This strain has a complex high that balances cerebral and body effects, making it ideal for daytime use. The buds give off a delicious tart lemon aroma and produce a long-lasting citrus zest flavor with hints of orange and a subtle earthy background.

This strain is easy to grow and can produce up to 550 g/m2 in just 7-8 weeks. Purple Lemonade FF is a resin powerhouse, making it great for hash and extract production. The effect of this strain is uplifting and energizing, making it perfect for combating chronic pain, migraines, and stress while still getting things done. Overall, this strain is ideal for flavor chasers and those seeking high-quality, resinous buds.

Tangie x Purple Lemonade Auto

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CBD Content:
THC Content:
up to 25%
Flowering time:
7-8 weeks
Tangie x Purple Lemonade Auto
Plant height:
up to 200cm
Flowering type:
Sweet, Lemon, Sour
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