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Orange Sherbet FF (Fast Flowering) is a hybrid strain that produces orange-flavored weed with up to 26% THC. It has a long-lasting uplifting high that relaxes the body and leaves the mind focused and happy. It is a fast-growing strain that can be grown by beginners and experienced growers alike. The buds have a mint-green color with a high bud-to-leaf ratio, making trimming easy.

Orange Sherbet FF has a short flowering time of about 7 weeks and can be grown in almost every climate. It is a well-rounded strain that produces resinous orange-tasting buds that are ideal for making hash and extracts. It has a taste of a fresh cocktail of orange juice and sour tangerine sherbet with prominent touches of pine and musky earth. It is recommended to tie down the branches to control the final height of the plant and to ensure faster harvests.

Tangie x Orange Sherbet Auto

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CBD Content:
< 1%
THC Content:
Up to 26%
Flowering time:
7 weeks
Tangie x Orange Sherbet Auto
Outdoor harvests:
400 – 600 gr/plant
Plant height:
Up to 250cm
Flowering type:
Orange, Sweet, Sour, Creamy
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