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GG4 Sherbet FF (FastFlowering) is a highly productive hybrid strain that combines the best traits of Gorilla Glue and Orange Sherbet genetics, producing up to 600 g/m2 in just 7 weeks of flowering time. It has a high THC content of up to 27% and offers a deeply relaxing body high that boosts mood and incites happiness. GG4 Sherbet FF is easy to grow and maintain, making it ideal for growers of all levels of experience. Its buds have a sweet, fruity, spicy, and earthy aroma that is ideal for making top-quality resin.

GG4 Sherbet FF is a medium-sized plant that grows with a stocky, bushy appearance, developing one sturdy main cola and fat side branches that support huge yields without much effort. It is a fast feminized photoperiod version that takes approximately 7 weeks to flower and has a 5-week vegetation cycle, allowing for faster harvests by shortening the veg cycle or longer veg cycle for bigger yields. Its buds have a sweet, fruity, and earthy flavor with hints of creamy hazelnut, spicy, and musky earth, resulting in a creamy, weed-infused hazelnut spread taste.

Gorilla Glue x Orange Sherbet Auto

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CBD Content:
< 1%
THC Content:
up to 27%
Flowering time:
7 weeks
Gorilla Glue x Orange Sherbet Auto
Outdoor harvests:
400 – 600 gr/plant
Plant height:
up to 200cm
Flowering type:
Sweet, Fruity, Hazelnut
Sativa 30%/Indica 70%
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