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Critical Mass Collective
Critical Mass Collective
Moonshine Mass Feminised Seeds

This Critical Mass hybrid is created using a specially selected Old School Haze, resulting in a beautiful and homogeneous strain. The Haze contributes to its tall growth, reaching heights of 2-3 meters in ideal conditions. Its unique mountainous growth structure forms the foundation for the captivating flowers found in our CMC genetic library.

Despite being a Haze, this strain has a short flowering period, thanks to the Monster Mass influence in its genetics. This makes it a great choice for Sativa lovers who struggle to fit longer flowering strains into their grow schedules. To maximize the final crop, we recommend early FIMing and low stress training (LST) techniques, as we have found that these methods significantly enhance the quality of the end product.

The resulting buds are characterized by their large size, mid-density, and silver/blue appearance. They are abundant in oily, pungent, psychoactive resin and emit a distinct smell of sharp gin and citrus, with undertones of hazey pine. When consumed, the taste matches the aroma, with a slightly acrid and alcoholic flavor balanced by sweet lemon and grapefruit notes. The exhale reveals subtle hints of pine and sandalwood.

This strain offers a highly psychoactive Sativa effect that is both clear and intoxicating. It has been described as "100% proof" by many users, and its long-lasting high makes it ideal for daytime use. The buds themselves are visually appealing, with their dense and sticky silvery-blue appearance. Covered in psychoactive resin glands and accented by ice white hairs, these buds truly stand out. When broken open, they release a sharp and sweet aroma that is irresistible.

Monster Mass x Old School Haze

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Gin, citrus, hazey pine undertones
THC Content:
Flowering time:
60-65 days
Monster Mass x Old School Haze
Harvest Month:
Early October
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
Indoors 600 gr/m2, Outdoors 750 gr/pp
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