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Oreoz Feminised Seeds

Cali Weed presents its latest strain, Oreoz, a remarkable indica dominant hybrid resulting from the fusion of Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon. True to its name, this exceptional strain boasts a mouthwatering flavour reminiscent of Oreo cookies, with delightful hints of sweet and spicy chocolate. Its enticing taste is accompanied by a pleasant aroma, tinged with a touch of diesel. However, Oreoz is more than just a tantalizing treat; it also packs a potent punch with THC levels that can soar up to 30%. This strain can offer significant relief to individuals experiencing loss of appetite or nausea, while also providing assistance with depression, chronic stress, and insomnia. The flowering period for Oreoz spans 8-9 weeks, yielding moderate results.

Cookies N Cream x Secret Weapon

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Sweet, touch of diesel
THC Content:
Up to 30%
Flowering time:
8-9 weeks
Cookies N Cream x Secret Weapon
Depression, chronic stress
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
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