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Collection #4 Feminised Seeds
Collection #4 Feminised Seeds

Advanced Seeds, a global leader in the development of some of the world's best cannabis hybrids, is pleased to offer yet another sampling of some of its most popular strains. This six-seed pack contain two seeds each of the following:
Jack Plant Feminised
A cross between the ever-popular Jack Herer with a select mostly-sativa strain, Jack Plant has an indica-like look with a short flower period. This is the same kind of potent, energising sativa that Jack Herer fans know and appreciate. Advanced Seeds developed this variation to make it more grower-friendly but that is the only notable difference.

Although it looks like an indica, its height gives away its sativa heritage. Indoor growers should keep this fact in mind. They might also require staking to support the ample number of buds they produce.

White Kush Feminised
A cross between two iconic indica-dominant strains, White Kush is a small yet massively-productive plant that delivers a powerful psychedelic effect.

These plants develop limited numbers of leaves, allowing for the development of a large number of quality buds. They deliver a great harvest for their size, yielding an average of 350 g per square metre. Growers with experience can even manage better numbers with some reporting yields as high as 450.

Advanced Seeds Kaya 47 Feminised

This is a simple and easy-to-grow strain that has a wide range of medical applications. It flowers fast and has lower than average THC content. These plants finish in under 90 days and the buds cures completely in Less than 2 weeks.

The plants may be dominant sativa but they have a number of traits one would normally identify with an indica. Many medical users swear by Kaya 47's ability to help them cope with all kinds of symptoms and conditions.

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