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Collection #3 Feminised Seeds
Collection #3 Feminised Seeds

Advanced Seeds, Spain's premier breeder of some of the world's best cannabis, is pleased to offer this exciting 6-seed pack, loaded with some great cannabis genetics. Each pack includes two seeds each of these top-quality strains:
Kaya 47
A dominant sativa that delivers a distinct head-filling indica-like effect, Kaya 47 is the ideal choice for tackling many common aches and pains and functions as a great recreational variety as well. Its sativa side makes for plants that are particularly tall with broad lateral branches. Expect these plants to grow to approximately 5 feet on average outdoors. They remain somewhat shorter when grown indoors. Soil setups are recommended but those experienced in growing in SOG and ScrOG setups should have no problem getting the job done.

Heavy Bud
This all-indica variety is the quintessential stoner strain. With high to very high THC levels, Heavy Bud delivers a potent couch-locking, heady stone. It is not recommended for those new to the cannabis experience, but novice growers are going to love it. The plants take up just a small amount of space and the quality of the end product is top notch.

The actual genetics of Heavy Bud are a well-kept secret, but Advanced Seeds has described the goal in its development to be to deliver a versatile and adaptable strain that even the most inexperienced grower could handle easily and grow almost anywhere.

Early Widow Feminised

This mostly-indica strain is a smaller, more compact version of its predecessor, White Widow, that produces particularly resinous trichomes. Its flavour aroma profiles work well together delivering distinctly sweet and sour notes that really please the palate. The smell they emit grows stronger as the plants develop, but that smell is quite pleasant, especially once the buds are cured. It does, however, possess distinct cannabis qualities in its aroma so discretion is necessary when growing, especially indoors or in densely populated areas.

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