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Pakistan Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
Pakistan Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

This strain is a cross between an amazing Pakistani strain and a Ruderalis strain which creates an astonishing autoflowering Indica strain. The original Pakistan Valley strain is extremely popular and well known.

This strain has a phenomenally high resistance to mildew as well as a high resistance to diseases. It has an extremely hard hitting effect because of its high THC percentage.

The THC percentage in this amazing cross is an impressively very high. This means that the strain makes an excellent nighttime painkiller, perfect for those suffering from insomnia, stress and anxiety. Pakistan Ryder has a strong skunk scent as well as an oaky, woody flavour.

This strain is both autoflowering and feminised which means it flowers of its own accord and will only grow into female plants. This has a number of positive attributes such as saving a grower time, money and energy during the growing process.

Since autoflowering plants flower on their own they skip a part of the growing process known as the vegetative stage.

This means that the plant has a much faster flowering time as well as increased yields. Autoflowering plants have impressive yields and can be grown to a much shorter height making them ideal for indoor growing.

Feminised seeds mean that those who do not want to deal with male plants no longer have to. Male plants can harm the females during the growing process, and so they should be removed from the crop.

This not only wastes half of the crop but half of the money that they grower spent on their seeds. Around 80% of the strains which have been feminised have shown marked improvement in their quality and their uniformity.

This strain is usually grown indoors but can be grown outdoors in warmer climates between the months of May and June. It grows to a height of 40 - 80 cm and it has a growing period of 45 - 55 days.

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CBD Content:
High (5% +)
Flowering time:
45-50 days
Pakistan Valley x Ruderalis
Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Yes / High
Medical conditions:
Insomnia, Pain
Medical properties:
Plant height:
40-80 cm
Musky, Spicy, Noble Wood
THC Content:
Medium, High
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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