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Truffle Berry Auto Flowering Seeds

Truffle Berry is a delicious collection of exquisite cannabis strains, carefully selected from esteemed private growers. A wonderfully fruity and resinous MOB mother plant was crossed with Truffle Butter, resulting in a delightful fusion of earthy dankness, creamy sweetness, and refreshing winter berry flavors. To enhance the fruitiness and add complexity, an exotic Blueberry x Tangie strain was introduced. Lastly, Top Shelf transformed her into an automatic flowering variety by working with the auto version of their San Francisco Sour Dough. Flavonoids, which are crucial for high-quality cannabis strains, make up a significant portion of the plant's compounds, with up to 3% by weight in dried leaves and buds. The flavor is truly king! Like the photoperiod version, Truffle Berry produces stunning opal, green/blue buds coated in potent crystals. The opulent and complex flavor is its standout feature, leaving people amazed by its mouthwatering and smooth terpene profile. This avant-garde fruit strain represents the epitome of premium-grade, top-shelf cannabis.

Truffle Butter x Blue Tangie x MOB x Auto SFSD

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THC Content:
Truffle Butter x Blue Tangie x MOB x Auto SFSD
Harvest Month:
60-70 Days from seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 450-500 gr/m2, Outdoors 130-160 gr/pp
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