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Silver Napalm Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Silver Napalm, a remarkable strain that gained the nickname "the flamethrower" due to its intense fire-like qualities during the flowering stage. This devastating hybrid is the result of combining the ultra resinous Silver Hashplant with the high-quality Black Afghani and the formidable Napalm OG.

During the vegetative phase, the plant produces numerous side branches. When it enters the flowering stage, it is crucial to give proper attention to the lower bud sites, ensuring they receive sufficient light and airflow. The strain boasts large fan leaves, which can display a captivating black or blue coloration. Its buds, enveloped in a thick layer of chrome-like reflective frost, exude a moody dark hue.

In full bloom, Silver Napalm emits a potent metallic aroma reminiscent of Lemon Kush, accompanied by earthy and hashy undertones. When smoked, the flowers release a citrusy fragrance with a sweet candy skunk funk.

The strain's effects are powerful, engulfing your entire body with a sense of relaxation. It begins with a rush that spreads from your head to every limb, leaving you feeling heavy and sedated. However, it also brings about mental refreshment, leading to increased chattiness, silliness, giggling, and a desire to engage socially.

Silver Hashplant x Black Afghani x Napalm OG x Auto Black Valium

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Metallic Lemon Kush, earthy, hashy tones, citrus, candy skunk funk
THC Content:
Silver Hashplant x Black Afghani x Napalm OG x Auto Black Valium
Harvest Month:
70-75 Days from Seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 450-500 gr/m2, Outdoors 130-150 gr/pp
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