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Pineapple Crack Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing our Crack hybrid cannabis seeds, a delightful blend of sharp cherry, pink grapefruit, sweet mango, and papaya flavors. The crowning glory of this Sativa monster is the unmistakable taste of pineapple. Glass Slipper and Green Crack have become highly sought after in the booming USA MMJ industry. Our super-crack combines these two favorites with genetics from the iconic Pineapple Express and rare hybrids like African Malawi Gold, Afghan, Hawaiian Maui Waui, and Cherry AK47. This premium strain offers exceptional quality, high yields, killer THC levels, and a truly addictive taste. With its tall growth and thin fan leaves, it allows for excellent light penetration. The flowering process is fast and vigorous, making this Sativa dominant Crack strain stand out. Resinous and mentally potent, it is the epitome of a fast flowering sativa.

Pineapple Express x Chunky Cherry Malawi x Glass Slipper x Auto Green Crack

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THC Content:
Pineapple Express x Chunky Cherry Malawi x Glass Slipper x Auto Green Crack
Harvest Month:
60 Days
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
Indoors 500 gr/m2, Outdoors 200-300 gr/pp
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