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Glue Dream Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds

Introducing the Auto version of Top Shelf Elite's Gucci Dreams hybrid, a collaboration with Chefanna's White Label. This luxurious strain combines one of South Cali's most sought after OG's with their exclusive Cookie Glue. The Gucci OG brings a delightful mix of sweet pine, candied lemon, and berry aroma, which is further enhanced by the glazed doughnut, caramel, and vanilla gas from the Cookie Glue. With a compact and sturdy build, this plant thrives indoors but is also suitable for less experienced growers. Its deep emerald green buds, adorned with white and platinum hairs, are packed with amber resin. During flowering, expect extravagant aromas of earthy vanilla, burnt sugar, and butter. The cured buds retain the same sweet decadence in flavor. Gucci Dreams is truly exceptional in quality, boasting a high THC content that delivers impressive effects. Users can expect a euphoric focus and a playful silliness, ultimately leading to a peaceful and tranquil state, often accompanied by a desire to meditate or sleep.

OG x Cookie Glue (San Francisco Sour Dough x Glue Dream)

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Earthy vanilla, burnt sugar, butter
THC Content:
OG x Cookie Glue (San Francisco Sour Dough x Glue Dream)
Harvest Month:
55-60 Days
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 350-450 gr/m2, Outdoors 180-220 gr/pp
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