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Blueberry Sugar Pine Auto Flowering Seeds

The Blueberry Haze re-work we offer includes the rare lemon OG hybrid, Tahoe Sugar Pine, which has a strong and unique musky citrus scent. With a high concentration of Pinene terps, this strain takes the lemon aroma to new heights. Combined with the sweet Blueberry Haze, it creates a powerful and enjoyable plant for those seeking a lemon or haze strain with a twist. Top Shelf Elite's Auto version guarantees a harvest in just 65 days from seed, using their own sticky Glue Dream. The flowers are a vibrant neon lime green and silver, shaped like cigars, and bursting with resin glands that often drip with a sticky pine-flavored sap. The smell during flowering reminds us of classic lemon cleaning products and wood polish, and this scent remains in the final cured flowers, which are covered in trichomes and emit a strong chemical citrus aroma. The effects of this strain are immediate, providing a euphoric rush of energy and increased appetite, which then transitions into a relaxing full-body sensation that leaves the user alert and focused.

Blueberry Haze x Tahoe Sugar Pine x Auto Glue Dream

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Strong, lemon cleaner, wood polish
THC Content:
Blueberry Haze x Tahoe Sugar Pine x Auto Glue Dream
Harvest Month:
65-70 Days
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Indoors 450 gr/m2, Outdoors 150-200 gr/pp
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