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Peanut Butter Cookies Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Tastebudz Peanut Butter Cookies Strain – a top-quality option for cannabis seed enthusiasts. Our Peanut Butter Cookies strain is a unique blend of Ruderalis genetics and offers an autoflower feminized variant.

Experience the delightful taste of rich, nutty flavors with our Peanut Butter Cookies strain. With a strong 60% Indica dominance and an impressive THC level of 23%, it provides a perfect balance of deep relaxation and long-lasting effects.

Growers will be pleased with the short flowering time of just 8-9 weeks for the Peanut Butter Cookies strain. Indoor cultivators can anticipate a generous yield of 550-650 gr/m2, while outdoor enthusiasts can expect an impressive yield of up to 750 gr/plant.

Indulge in the distinct sensory experience offered by the PB Cookies strain, known for its deep, nutty flavor and sweet aroma. With a diverse terpene profile including Humulene, Alpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, and more, it guarantees a range of experiences for cannabis enthusiasts.

Relax and unwind with Tastebudz Peanut Butter Cookies strain – a perfect choice after a long day. This autoflower feminized variant is ideal for those seeking simplicity and convenience in their cultivation process. Please note, in compliance with U.K. laws, these seeds are sold as collectable souvenirs only.

These exceptional autoflower feminized seeds are available worldwide through leading Seedbanks. Find your nearest distributor today and embark on your cultivation journey with the extraordinary Peanut Butter Cookies strain.

Peanut Butter Cookies (Do Si Dos x OGKB) x Ruderalis

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THC Content:
Peanut Butter Cookies (Do Si Dos x OGKB) x Ruderalis
Harvest Month:
9-10 Weeks
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)
Indoors Up to 550-650 gr/m2, Outdoors Up to 80-250 gr/pp
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