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Mimosa 20 Auto 20 Feminised

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Mimosa Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Mimosa - the perfect cannabis seed for those seeking a robust plant with reliable genetics and an explosive citrus taste. This sensational auto flower variety combines the best of two prolific citrus strains, resulting in a potent tangerine aroma and abundant THC crystals. Mimosa is known for its tangy lemon tart flavor and uplifting sativa high, making it a great choice for promoting energy and motivation.

Not only does Mimosa offer a pleasurable experience, but it may also provide benefits for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. With its dense coating of large cone-shaped buds, milky-white trichomes, bright orange pistils, and vibrant calyxes, Mimosa is a sight to behold.

For optimal growth and terpene content, Tastebudz highly recommends using a complex healthy soil medium rich in essential nutrients. This will nourish the plant throughout its various growth stages, ensuring the best possible results. So why wait? Experience the wonders of Mimosa cannabis seeds today.

Orange Bud x Super Lemon Haze Auto

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Sweet, citrus
CBD Content:
THC Content:
Orange Bud x Super Lemon Haze Auto
Harvest Month:
80 Days
Pain, fatigue
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)
500-600 gr/m2
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