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Back To The Future 2 Auto Flowering Seeds

Tastebudz Seeds took a step back in time and researched the ancestry of Future#1 to select the strains with the best qualities. One of these strains is Original Glue, also known as Gorilla glue #4, which has a THC content of over 30% and is famous for its strong, euphoric high that brings deep relaxation to the body. Another desirable trait is its abundant resin production, perfect for making concentrates like live resin and bubble hash.

The other parent, Alien Tahoe OG, is a highly respected Indica Dominant Hybrid that is incredibly potent and known for its sedative-like effects. It can help with stress, pain, insomnia, and nausea. By combining these two THC powerhouses, an exceptional strain was born, both in appearance and effect. The buds are covered in resin and packed with trichomes and crystalline particles, emitting a captivating aroma of earthy pine and hints of sour lemon.

Whether you choose to grow her indoors or outdoors, be prepared with more than one pair of scissors during harvest time, as the resin will easily clog up your tools. This strain has a rapid growth rate, making it perfect for the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing technique. She thrives in warm climates and can grow to be quite tall. Regular pruning and trimming are recommended by Tastebudz to ensure optimal growth.

Gorilla Glue#4 A.K.A Original Glue x Alien Tahoe OG

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Pine, hint of sour lemon
THC Content:
Gorilla Glue#4 A.K.A Original Glue x Alien Tahoe OG
Harvest Month:
10-11 Weeks
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
Indoors up to 650 gr/m2, Outdoors 70-300 gr/pp
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