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Fat Petes Cookies Auto Flowering Seeds

In the 1980s, Dutch cannabis breeders aimed to enhance the quality of European cannabis by introducing new genetics from the USA. Some strains from the USA were known for their high quality and unique genetics. To obtain these seeds, Karel sent his friend Fat Pete to New York City after persistently contacting High Times. Eventually, Fat Pete acquired a strain called Williams Wonder. This strain, along with others like Mexican Rudy, was used to create the first ever autoflower strain called "Low Ryder". Therefore, the Super Sativa autoflower gene bank is built upon the same successful foundations as the original Low Ryder.

To create Fat Pete's Cookies, SSSC crossed a highly fruity and potent autoflower strain with Auto Cookies. This resulting strain was then crossed with their Auto Creeper. The finest plants were selected and backcrossed to stabilize this strain. The outcome is an extremely productive and potent autoflower strain with a delightfully strong effect. There are two distinct phenotypes, one leaning towards the Cookie side and the other more fruity. These plants can grow quite tall (1-2 meters) with large, frosty buds and a deliciously sweet flavor. They have a bushy structure with numerous side branches, allowing for bumper harvests from individual plants. The Super Sativa test team was highly enthusiastic about this strain, particularly the fruity tropical phenotype.

By cultivating Fat Pete's Cookies, you can expect top-quality cannabis approximately 12 weeks after germination. If you desire a high-yielding autoflower strain with THC levels exceeding 20% that is easy to grow, then Fat Pete's Cookies is the perfect choice for you!

Auto Cookies x Auto Creeper

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THC Content:
Auto Cookies x Auto Creeper
Harvest Month:
12-13 Weeks from germination
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
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