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Super Sativa Seed Club
Super Sativa Seed Club
Elephant Auto Flowering Seeds

Looking to cultivate the ultimate autoflower that reigns supreme? Elephant Autoflower is the heavyweight feminised autoflower from the esteemed Super Sativa Seed Club. With colossal buds, Elephant Auto will soon become your top choice. THC levels are exceptionally high, reaching up to 20%. What sets this strain apart is its remarkable CBD content, up to 10%. When combined with the potent THC levels, you can anticipate a profoundly calming smoke/vape experience with a stress-relieving high that leaves you feeling elated and completely at ease. The invigorating sativa genetics and intense head high from the extreme THC levels perfectly complement the wonderfully soothing physical effects of CBD. This is autoflower breeding at its finest!

Elephant grows taller than most autoflowers, reaching heights of 1.5 to even 2 meters in ideal conditions. Yields are abundant, with up to 500-600g/m2 achievable under favorable circumstances. From seed to harvest, Elephant Autoflower typically takes around 12 weeks indoors. Occasionally, certain phenotypes may require an additional week or so, but they reward the grower with exceptionally bountiful harvests. The recommended indoor light schedule is 20 hours of daily light. The high is undeniably potent, yet the presence of elevated CBD levels makes this one of the most soothing and blissful autos you will ever encounter. The combination of THC and CBD amplifies enjoyment, whether you are a recreational or medical user. You will adore the delightful terpene profile, boasting a fresh citrus flavor and a peppery/spicy aroma. It also thrives when cultivated outdoors.


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CBD Content:
Up to 10%
THC Content:
Harvest Month:
12 Weeks from seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
Up to 500-600 gr/m2
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