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Auto Lemon Feminised Seeds

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Auto Lemon Feminised Seeds

Auto Lemon combines the genetics of two great strains: Lemon Skunk by Greenhouse Seeds and the Joint Doctor's autoflowering powerhouse Lowryder #2. The plants grow to a medium height with a bit of side branching. They present with one large main cola where the majority of buds are produced.

The smell of these plants is typically Skunk, but muted slightly by inbreeding and hybridization. Indoor growers will still need to compensate for the smell and ventilate and filer their grow rooms appropriately. The flavour is also very typical of Skunk with acrid overtones and a hint of acidic citrus.

Indoor growers will find that these plants take well to practically any normal method and can be made to produce better using Sea of Green or Screen of Green setups. They also like nutrient-rich, pH-balanced soil and hydro environments. They are autoflowering so there are no hard and fast lighting requirements. These plants also grow well in greenhouses and other relatively humid environments and don't succumb easily to mould or fungus.

Outdoors, these plants prefer consistent temperatures and like warmth. Grow during the summer months for best possible yield and give them a steady diet of rich nutrients. They will reward with above-average yields for an autoflowering strain.

Flowering time for Auto Lemon is just 8 weeks on average with some plants taking 9 or 10. This is a very easy-to-handle autoflowering strain that is perfect for first-time and novice growers as well as those seasoned pros. New growers will appreciate the ease with which these seeds grow and produce.

Those with more of a green thumb will love just how far they can push these plants to produce with just a little maintenance and care. The one main cola makes the job that much easier and the lateral branches provide a great gauge of the overall health of the plant.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries - please check the laws of your country and don't be growing any plants if it is against your country's laws.

Automatic Lemon Skunk
Lowryder #2 x Lemon Skunk


Automatic Lemon Skunk
CBD Content:
Flowering time:
7-9 Weeks
Lowryder #2 x Lemon Skunk
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Harvest Month:
2.5 Months from Seed
Likely to be high in CBD
Medical properties:
Easy to manage auto-flowering strain with good potency. Likely to be high in CBD.
Acrid and skunky with citrous undertones
THC Content:
Indica / Sativa
Seed type:
Auto Flowering Seeds
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