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Gorilla Glue Feminized Auto is a highly potent cannabis strain that produces big yields and flowers quickly. With THC levels ranging from 17-22%, this cultivar is not for the faint-hearted. Made from award-winning genetics, it is known for its incredibly resinous and sticky buds, which boast sour, citrus, and earthy flavors. This strain performs well in all climates and can grow up to 120cm tall.

Nirvana, by crossing Gorilla Glue with their autoflowering stud, managed to preserve the strain's impressive yields, large sugary buds, strong resistance to environmental factors, and high potency. The flowering period lasts up to 70 days from seed to harvest, resulting in buds that are both potent and flavorful.

When growing Gorilla Glue Feminized Auto, expect a bushy structure and a maximum height of 120cm. Due to its indica and sativa heritage, the plants have an open structure, giving them a stocky and robust appearance. By gently bending the branches during the early stages of growth, more light can reach the plants, resulting in a fuller top canopy.

This strain is suitable for beginner growers as it is easy to maintain, resistant to harsh winds and cold temperatures, and produces abundant yields. During the flowering stage, the buds will be long, dense, and covered in trichomes. As the plants near the end of the flowering period, they will become completely frosted, with resin covering both the buds and leaves.

Gorilla Glue Feminized Auto delivers powerful and long-lasting effects, inducing waves of euphoria followed by a relaxing sensation. Thanks to its balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, it is well-suited for social situations, deep conversations, and those with a creative side.

The strain offers a sour, citrus flavor with earthy undertones that linger in the mouth after each toke. Its aroma is more pungent, with hints of fuel. Medical patients may find Gorilla Glue Feminized Auto beneficial for alleviating symptoms of depression, lack of motivation, elevated mood, and general relaxation.

What sets this strain apart is its exceptional resin production, making it a favorite among hash makers and extractors. It also boasts impressive yields of fat buds, ready for harvest in just 70 days, making it suitable for all climates and a reliable performer.

Chem's Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel

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Pungent diesel, rich pine, chocolate and coffee notes
THC Content:
Chem's Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel
Harvest Month:
70 Days from seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
400-500 gr/m2
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