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Girl Scout Cookies Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Girl Scout Cookies Auto, an autoflowering strain with a delicious taste. In just 70 days, you can go from cannabis seeds to harvest with ease. This medium-sized plant can withstand both hot and cold weather, and is perfect for hash makers and extractors due to its abundant resin content. Created by crossing Nirvana's finest West Coast Cookies with their autoflowering male, this hybrid delivers on flavour, potency, resistance, and effect. It thrives in all climates and can be planted outdoors multiple times per year. THC levels range from 16-21%, making it a top choice for beginner growers seeking exceptional taste. Thanks to its autoflowering traits, it stays compact and discreet, making it ideal for balcony or terrace grows. As it flowers, the buds become tightly packed and covered in trichomes, emitting a sweet and spicy aroma with hints of vanilla and cookie dough. The plant's colors transform to a lush purple with pink and magenta hues during the final weeks. Girl Scout Cookies Auto offers a euphoric and creative high, perfect for social gatherings, musicians, and writers. When smoked, it provides a unique combination of sweet cookie dough with an earthy undertone. Medical patients may find it helpful for increasing energy levels, motivation, relieving nausea and sickness, and stimulating appetite. This resilient terpene powerhouse is an easy-to-grow autoflowering hybrid, allowing for 3-4 outdoor harvests per year.

OG Kush x Durban Poison

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Earthy, sweet, mild spice, cookie dough
CBD Content:
THC Content:
OG Kush x Durban Poison
Harvest Month:
70 Days from seed
Stress, depression, pain
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
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