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Tropicana Wedding Cake Auto Flowering Seeds

Looking for an incredibly tasty strain that will leave you craving more? Look no further than Tropicana Weddingcake. This 50-50 hybrid strain is a combination of tropicana cookies and weddingcake, resulting in a delightful flavour that combines sour citrus, sweet cookie, and creamy weddingcake notes. The effects of this strain are a perfect blend of uplifting sativa and calming indica, making it suitable for any time of day or night. It provides a long-lasting high that begins with an energetic onset, filling both the mind and body with a sense of happiness and creative motivation. As the high continues, a touch of relaxation sets in, leaving the body calm while the mind soars. With its high THC levels and versatile effects, Tropicana Weddingcake is also well-suited for medical use. This plant grows like the perfect hybrid, reaching a medium height with bushy growth and heavy side branches. For optimal results, it is recommended to grow this strain outdoors in higher temperatures to fully benefit from its potential.


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